The Queen

One Saturday in July, I joined a thousand people in her courtyard for the queen’s 3:20 afternoon performance. Every adult, me included, held a cell phone or camera, ready to take pictures and videos of the once-in-a-lifetime event. Well, that’s once-in-a-lifetime for us peasants, anyway. People around me whispered reverently, as though waiting for a service to begin. When Queen Old Faithful erupted, she started gently with steam and little squirts of water, like a super-soaker water gun. Over three-minute’s time, she produced more steam and bigger and bigger sprays to a crescendo of spewing hot, almost boiling water 120 feet in the air for the last 60 seconds of her show. Everyone oohed and ahhed at the breathtaking finale. The most grandiose fireworks display could not compare. We knew we had seen a performance we’d remember for a lifetime.

The most famous geyser in the world got her name for being so predictable. Her majesty performs for visitors day and night every 30-120 minutes. Word has it that she performs day and night year-round Sunday through Saturday, even if no one shows up to see her. Who does that? The woman never takes a day, or even an afternoon, off. Old Faithful is the queen of all geysers, and I felt honored to be in her presence there in the heart of the famous national park we call Yellowstone. Her work ethic is like no other. If you haven’t met the queen, I encourage you to pay her a visit. The hype is real. Yellowstone is touted as one of our nation’s most fabulous parks for a reason.

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